How To Find Your Niche Market – 5 Simple Steps To Success!

Finding Your Niche

Everyone has a specialism, or an area of interest or expertise that is our one true passion. Most of us even have several. Mine is sailing and playing the guitar! Yet, for many people turning the passion into a full time job has never been an option, but moreover a pipe dream. That’s what makes affiliate marketing a really great career option. You get to write about your interest whilst earning a living from it… what could be better?

But sometimes making your one passion in life into a full time career isn’t so straight forward. It’s very easy to enjoy a particular sport for example, but how then do you make that your business? If you’re are asking the same question, then fear not. You are not alone. In fact my passion for guitars and sailing have both still yet to manifest themselves into a niche website! So I myself am as guilty as the next man, but I do still have a number of niche websites that are highly successful. So how did I choose them? Read on and I’ll show you how to find your niche market and enable you to take the next steps to a successful affiliate marketing career.

How do I find a niche?

Finding a niche is actually quite straight forward. Whilst the obvious route is to identify what it is you’re interested in, another line of thought might be to think about where you have spent most of your professional career. Whilst your career to date may not be your passion, it will almost certainly be something you’re expert at. This alone gives you a distinct advantage of most other people thinking about the same niche.

I know people who have worked in many different sectors before finding their niche. For example, the head of a well-known female-only learning institution in Germany worked for many different educational agencies before she finally settled into a role at a highly renowned college in Munich. This new role then allowed her to diversify the services offered by the college and branch out into a student supplies business where she offered and sold female student clothes – such as uniforms and accessory bags. She then created and launched a new student targeted restaurant at the college. Her thinking as she increased the college’s service portfolio was that girls will always buy clothing and will also always need to eat.

She then started a crèche. This crèche morphed into a nursery faculty, and a secondary school. Now, after several years she is now in a position to replicate this schooling business model in other areas of Europe.

The purpose of this story is to show you how someone naturally found their niche, in making money and doing what comes naturally to them. And all completely due to various circumstances at the time.

Many of us go into companies that we wouldn’t ordinarily have a natural affinity for and yet become experts in a field that we never expected to in the years leading to it.

There is no doubt that some of the clearest ways to affiliate marketing success is finding a great niche market, and then establishing yourself as a dominant player in it. If you are alarmed by this, then the great news is that you needn’t be. Remember that whatever your niche and whatever number of companies are out these servicing it, there are always going to be ‘sub-niches’ within your niche where the people buying in it and whose needs for certain sub niche items and/or capabilities are going unmet. And it’s these smaller sub niches that allow us as affiliate marketers to dominate those particular chosen markets – or sub niches.

How can you find your perfect niche market?

First and foremost, identify your interests and passion. A business that holds little or no interest to you has a far higher likelihood of failing, and of you quitting. So it’s important that you find a niche that you enjoy. I am not for one minute suggesting that it needs to be a perfect fit. But, if you are doing something that you really get excited about, then you’re far more likely to succeed. Try also to be unique. If, for example, your passion is football then you can guarantee that there is someone else out there that’s already dominant in the ‘Manchester United Football Shirts’ niche. So, using the football example again, perhaps think about it more laterally and choose something like ‘Manchester united memorabilia’, ‘player autographs’ or ‘Where to find the cheapest match day tickets’.

Another thing to avoid is following a crowd towards a niche. If Apple launch a new device, then don’t simply follow that trend and jump on the bandwagon too. Those kinds of ‘follow me’ niches get very crowded very quickly and as a result are very hard to stand out, get ranked and differentiate yourself.

Making your niche a success

Time and time again I have witnessed affiliate marketers operate in niches where they kid themselves that they have a passion for it, to latterly find out that they in fact don’t. Where this is the case, I can guarantee the website and it’s niche will fail. As an example, I myself thought I’d enjoy the accounting software niche! I enjoy techy stuff, find software really interesting and so surely I can make money from the lucrative accounting software niche? Wrong! What in fact happened was that I could not identify with the target audience – in this case, accountants and financial directors. These are people that do not resonate in the same way I do. Hence, the website failed. However, as a passionate digital marketer, my own personal website is a huge success and generates me a great passive income. Why? Because when I write for it, I do so with passion and confidence. Those two simple ingredients is all it takes and is the simple difference between success and failure.

5 simple steps to finding the right niche for you

OK. So you think that you have found the right niche for you? But you want to be sure, right? Here are 5 steps to ensure that your niche is right for you…

  1. Once you have determined that you’ve got passion to your area of interest, be certain there is a big enough audience within your chosen niche. There is no point in choosing a niche where there is nobody or market to promote your products. To find this out, you’ll need to perform keyword research to understand the level of traffic you can expect from your niche. You can research keywords and phrases in Jaaxy – a free tool that allows you to enter a keyword, for example “Manchester united football memorabilia” and understand how much monthly traffic you can expect when people search for it in Google. Jaaxy will also recommend other popular phrases that you may also want to consider.>> CLICK HERE TO OPEN YOUR JAAXY ACCOUNT.
  2. Understand the competition in your niche. If there are other people already serving your niche, you may find it difficult to become the leader in it. What’s more, you’ll also struggle to feature highly in search engine results. If you do find there is a lot of competition, then you have two choices. You could either find a sub niche that isn’t so densely populated and yet still has the potential to deliver a good traffic potential to your website, or you find a completely different niche altogether – but again, one that still has traffic potential and low competition. Again, Jaaxy is a great tool and can help you understand how much competition your niche and keywords have.>> GET STARTED WITH YOUR FREE JAAXY ACCOUNT HERE 
  3. Whilst understanding your competition is important, you should also understand how good that competition is. A niche can have a lot of competition, but if none of the vendors in it are delivering the needs of that niche, then you have a real opportunity to make a difference. So lots of competition doesn’t always mean no opportunity. What you will need to do is to find a way to differentiate yourself from the others and then demonstrate to the niche market that you’re the one who’s going to change things in it.
  4. Does your chosen niche have:a) A good affiliate program or products within an affiliate network that offers products and services that you can promote to your niche?b) Products that are in demand within your niche

    c) Offer a satisfactory commission return – I do not consider anything less than 20%.

  5. Have a neatly defined information superhighway advertising approach when deciding upon your niche market. Your website needs to be optimized to ensure that your niche market can easily find you. Create your website in a way that the solutions and products you offer meet the needs and/or solve the problems of your niche market. If creating an optimized website, or even just a website, is putting you into a panic, then fear not. Wealthy Affiliate can help you here – no web developer or website designer experience required whatsoever. Furthermore, it’s completely free to join and get started.>> CHECK OUT OUR WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW HERE

Making sure that your niche is right for you

Finding a profitable niche isn’t a difficult exercise. The key, as with most things, is to do a bit of research before you embark fully on a website program. With tools like the fantastic ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ affiliate marketing tools and learning program, and the impressive Jaaxy keyword and niche marketing research tool, it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

If you can, try to find a niche that you not only enjoy, but offers a little twist in a way that differentiates it from the other more popular and crowded niches. And just because a niche works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Ask yourself:

  • How can I differentiate myself from competition?
  • What are the “new issues” that I will be able to address or solve in the market?
  • What unique products or services could I promote to differentiate myself?

Solve these points and you’ll find the niche that’s right for you and your business. But most of all, have fun doing it. Without fun, you can never expect to succeed.

I hope this has helped you identify and find your perfect niche in which to start or continue your affiliate marketing career. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll get right back to you.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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  1. Thanx for this information Sean. You break down all the considerations one should think of before embarking on a venture. This post could truly help new Wealthy Affiliate members who struggle needlessly when trying to pick a niche. I like the way you’ve pointed out the free Jaaxy tool and how easy it is to use

  2. Hello Sean, this is a very good explanation on niches. I followed most of the steps you listed when I was trying to find a niche myself. Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy really helped make it easy for me.

  3. I really want to promote different products on my site and do you think that should I go for digital products? Since I see many people go for physical ones and I think that competition can be really tough. What do you think about it?

    1. Hi Furkan.
      I’d say promote both. Research shows that digital products are some of the best sellers for affiliates. Furthermore, they offer some of the best commissions too. I’d say have a mix of both tangible and digital products if your niche allows for it.
      Good luck.

  4. This article will be a guide to anyone who wants to start an online business. I like the 5 steps you have given to enhance the online experience of whoever wants to start a business. I think the hardest thing to do is to decide on a Niche and you have explained that clearly.

    Jaaxy is a very useful tool for those who want to find Keywords.
    Thanks for a comprehensive Post.
    Good Read

    1. Hi Luna,
      Thank you for your kind words. It can be difficult to find a niche, but with some lateral thinking it does get easier. Ia slo agree that Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword research and niche research. Sounds like you have some experience with it? Glad you think so too.
      Kind regards,

  5. Great article! There is alot of valuable information here and it’s important to consider. Thanks for taking the time to explain all of this!

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