Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Do you know someone who makes money by selling other peoples products, online? The idea of making income is appealing for anyone, but don’t think for a second that its simple. Despite what many individuals would like you to believe, generating revenue online comes with many challenges. However, if you know the fundamentals, there’s no reason you cannot succeed. And if you were to choose one strategy, it really should be affiliate internet advertising.

This article is a short affiliate internet marketing for dummies guide, and shows you ways to gradually build your online income portfolio.

So What’s Affiliate Marketing?

First, you should understand what affiliate internet marketing is all about. As an affiliate, you’re paid purely based on your own website’s traffic performance. So the first thing to understand is that you do not make any money for readers that you refer from your website to a vendor’s website, who then does not end up converting.

The way to get started as an affiliate marketer is to firstly register for a merchant or affiliate program. The most famous, of course, is Amazon’s Associates affiliate program. However, you should also check out affiliate programs dedicated to your own particular niche as many of these pay much higher commissions – as much as 50% – 75% in some instances.

When you get yourself signed up and accepted within an affiliate program, the merchant or advertiser will provide you with a unique and distinctive affiliate link for each of their products you want to promote on your own website. It is this unique link that you’ll be adding to your own website, in product reviews and other posts related to a given product or service in your niche. This link is specific to you, so when anyone clicks through on it, the vendor will know that the reader has come from your website – and as such, you’ll get commission for any sales made from the reader while they are on the vendor’s website.

How does an affiliate marketer generate an income?

As we highlighted above, when any visitor to your website clicks through and purchases a product or service using your unique link, you earn a commission. But how do you get paid I hear you ask? Well, your affiliate program or network will maintain a report of every click through that generates you commission. These commissions then build up throughout the month and a cheque or online money transfer – sometimes using payment gateways such as PayPal – are made to your account. It’s as simple as that! Affiliate programs can differ in the way they pay their affiliates, but generally this is the model most follow – to be sure, check the affiliate program’s payment policy to avoid any confusion.

Choosing your niche

Before you even think about creating a new website – and there are several free tools to help you with that – you first need to choose what affiliate marketers call a ‘niche’. This is a specific business sector, area of interest, or maybe even a hobby that both you and your target audience are interested in. So, for example, your chosen niche may be ‘tropical fish’, ‘sports footwear’, a model of Ford car, exercise regimes, a specific diet program, foreign languages, cure for baldness… The options are limitless. Ultimately, the best niches are those that solve a problem for a reader. This could be something like ‘how to earn an extra income’, ‘how to lose weight’ or ‘what are the best shoes for basketball players?’. You get the idea… solve a problem, and you’re halfway to a really successful affiliate niche website. The key though, is to find a niche that you yourself are passionate about. You’re going to be doing a lot of content writing, so it’s always best to choose a topic or subject you are passionate about yourself. That way, when it comes to writing good articles, it’ll be a breeze.

Building your affiliate marketing website

When it comes to affiliate marketing, your website is the linchpin to everything you do. Without it, you are probably going to struggle as adding affiliate links to other third party websites can be tricky, and in most cases is prohibited as it’s seen as ‘commercial’ activity.

You shouldn’t be scared off at this point. Long gone are the days when website development was just limited to those who knew how to code. Nowadays, the creation of websites is a lot easier and so much faster than before. Most of the coding work is done ‘behind the scenes’ and is taken care of for you automatically. So let’s be clear, you don’t need to be a web developer or designer. Neither do you need to be any kind of marketing guru. You just need a niche that you can get passionate about, and a will to succeed.

There are many affiliate programs out there that can help you choose a niche that’s right for you, and then build your website to support it. Better still, some are even free! Take the Wealthy Affiliate program for example. This program allows you to join for free and get your first lesson on creating and building your website free too. What’s more, they can provide you with the website platform, the web address (the domain name – i.e. and website hosting for free too. So you can start earning an income without so much as spending a single penny!

It’s the program I chose myself and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a new career as an affiliate marketer. YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW HERE. There, you’ll also find the links you need to get started on the program – all at no cost whatsoever.

Choosing the right affiliate program or network

There are literally millions of affiliate programs and affiliate networks out there waiting for you to join their program and start promoting their products. Millions of vendors all wanting you to earn a healthy commission based income that can enable you to earn anywhere between 5% and, in a few cases, 100% in referrals. Typically, however, these are between 10% and 75%.

We’ve already touched upon Amazon’s affiliate program – called Amazon Associates. Amazon’s Associate program is a highly popular program, and most affiliate marketers are subscribed to it. Why? Well, firstly they stock just about every product imaginable, and it is also an online store that most people already knows about and trusts.

Creating an affiliate marketing website that gets traffic

As we’ve already highlighted, creating an internet site from scratch has never been easier. As I write this post all about affiliate internet marketing, my own website is, in turn is actually gaining new powerful content that will help it rank in the search engines, as well as give credence to the other pages on this very website. The hard part is staying consistent with your content, your promotions and traffic generation strategies. The key here is to do your keyword study to find profitable keywords, even if they only get a handful of searches per month. Again, the Wealthy Affiliate program can help you with keyword research too – again, at zero cost!

Another consideration when building a high traffic generating affiliate marketing website is to leverage the power of internet search engine optimization and social network marketing. Again, most affiliate marketing programs can help you here, but my recommendations, as before is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They can also help your with another great promotion and traffic generating technique – building an electronic mailing list. These can be used to promote your website and keep visitors informed about any new reviews, particular discount rates or promos.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Hopefully, this short ‘affiliate internet advertising for dummies’ guide has given you some food for thought and helped you to decide if and how you can get started as a highly successful affiliate marketer, creating a stable and passive income online by selling products of other third party merchants. If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of affiliate marketing, then please do leave them in the comments below and I’ll respond as soon as I see it come in.

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  1. I short and concise overview on working online, making money by creating a niche, then creating a website, joining the world of affiliate marketers, creating consistently good content to drive traffic, while being pivotal in helping to earn a commission when traffic in the form customers use their affiliate links to make purchases.

    I enjoyed the fact you touched bases on many of the keys areas required. In addition, you have relevant visuals and important referrals to getting up and running through the Wealthy Affiliate program (considered one of the best).

    Overall, short but very informational.

  2. A great article explaining how Affiliate marketing works in a simple way that helps novice marketers to understand affiliate marketing. I agree that keeping consistent to the content writing, promoting and generating traffic are keys to success. While many programs rush marketers to promote through paid ads, I believe the steps you laid here are the most solid, long lasting way to earn revenues.
    Thank you for the great information!

  3. For your review to be short, as you called it, it is definitely packed full of information. Would there be a merchant other than Amazon that you know of that has a decent comission? I have thought about doing affiliate marketing . Is there a limit as to how many products you can promote? Judging by your review I am assuming that the more products you try to promote means that you have to have keywords, content and reviews for each product?

    1. Thanks Lee.
      If you are serious about starting a career in affiliate marketing, then you’d do well to check out our Wealthy Affiliate review. There is absolutely no limit whatsoever to the number of products you can promote. What I would say is that don’t promote more than four or five on any one page or post. But other than that, the sky is the limit. And yes, the more products your promote, the more review pages and keywords you’ll need to research.
      Good luck with it.

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